Twelve Days of Christmas Sale

For the first 12 days during our Twelve Days of Christmas Sale we will add another item to our sale. Sale will end Sunday December 15th at midnight.

1st Day

CoolWater EW367-135

2nd Day

CoolWaterJewelryEW380-135 CoolWaterJewelryNC212-135

3rd Day

NC 171-135EW 333-135

4th Day

Cool Water BCC 22-130

5th Day

Cool Water NC 172

6th Day

Cool Water EW 335-130

7th Day

EW 314-135

8th Day

Cool Water BCC 16

9th Day

Cool Water NC 175

10th Day

EW 323-9

11th Day

EW 321

12th Day

CoolWaterJewelry NC176


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